Let the learning commence and so on

I have to admit that my projects tend to take some time, usually a random amount. The time I need for whatever I'm planning to do depends on a million things and it appears to be more than less...
Sometimes I get a fuckton of stuff done in a rapid pace and sometimes a fifteen minute task ends up being delayed for six monhts. Based on that, I assume that my posting will follow a similar pattern.

Of course you can try to guess if I manage to make more than ten posts or is my attempt at blogging going to share the fate of so many others. Time will tell. Sooner or later - time will tell.

Anyway, to the supposed point of this thing.

A long while ago - after xmas 2009 - I got an airbrush from my girlfriend's father. I have never even touched one of those or had anything fit for painting. My last year's souvenir model was still untouched in its unopened box.

Spring came and I started working on my aforementioned Dragon Models 1:35 Brummbär (SdKfz 166) Late kit. Naturally all random projects like the Model Expo 2010 struck and the panic project I tried to build to present in the Expo went wrong in all the hurry. I was quite busy at work so I felt like taking it easy at home -even though all this tinkering is the best way to take ones mind out of work, but as to me building and painting are heavily dependeng on my inspiration, they just didn't advance in a long while. Even my latest batch of OmniMechs are still waiting to be finished.

In summer I managed to get yet another souvenir model (a german FlaK 38) that only made my work queue even longer and improved my motivation in its own way. Just like the set of new Dremel bits that I got as a birthday gift, they were begging to be used!

Now that I've spent my summer holidays and the autumn is pushing forwards, I'll start learning how to use the airbrush. Luckily I've moved away from the enamel paints to Vallejo acrylics so the smell isn't going to be a problem and the paints are easily thinned with water, if need be. This should be simple, not V2 science.
Of course I had to get some breath masks because I don't want to cover my dear lungs with plastic, even if said coating would be done in a cool Wehrmacht three-color camouflage.

That image is the starting point. If the spraying only ends up in a mess and a sad painter after several attempts, I'll return back to my paintbrushes. To me that has been enough so far so I wouldn't mind that much, for I don't suffer from AMS :)

My masterplan is to try this thing out on the lower hull and wheels, mostly with Panzergrün and maybe some small blotches of Panzerrot & Panzerbraun. After that I intend to work on the rest of the hull and paint that more or less as it should be. And just before I join the bottom and top pieces together, I'll put the magic tracks in. Unless the piecetracks are awful, I'll order more Friul tracks and swear even more. At least those look awesome.
Or not, depends on how it feels when I work on this project, I haven't done these in many, many years. I'll change my plans as things go.

I'll return when there's something to say. Or maybe I'll just blabber about Borderlands. Who knows what will happen?