Done at last!

I guess I should complain out loud a lot more, I'd get stuff done. The jack got painted along with the whatevertheheck metal stick, then dirtified (as in "my feeble attempt at weathering" with the dry ground colour). Then I messified them a bit more, especially the jack, with the mud-type weathering stick I was talking about yesterday.

In hindsight, I should've finished the tools on their own and attached them to the hull last. Maybe next time. But then again, as I've complained many times, this is the first tank model I've built in years.

The nozzle of the howitzer was blackified a bit as well, I think it looks pretty fine live, but it's not too evident in these photos. The local weather isn't that good for mobile phone photos at the moment and the artificial lights aren't too handy, either. I mean, my N900 is pretty awesome but the camera doesn't do miracles, the photos get noisy if the lighting conditions aren't optimal.

So I'll be waiting for a bit clearer day for the final photos of the Sturmpanzer IV. Or I'll get tired and start playing with the real camera and the tripod. We'll see which happens first. I believe it's going to be the second option :)

Next I'll start with my next project (a Trumpeter 20mm FlaK 38). That's in a sense a very interesting and handy target, for I can continue with that in the future by bolting it on a truck, halftrack or the hull of a Flakpanzer. I just hope that I'd be luckier with the vehicle than with Thor, which was a halftrack with a 10-barrel Nebelwerfer mounted on top of it. That was a horrible model, didn't like it at all.

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