Time was of the essence

No, I didn't have enough time to finish the FlaK. I'll finish it next year, it made no sense to ruin the model by hurrying too much.

I continued painting the camo with the green and kept using the same stencils. The wheel hubs ended up being awesome - the rest didn't. Both the fenders and shield halves look more like mouldy bread than parts of a war machine.


Anyway, the idea works, I just have to improve the stencil so it works better with the pieces I want to paint. This "one masking piece works everywhere" doesn't work too well, apparently. It wasn't a horrible defeat, it just requires a bit more work. And not horribly much of that, after all, just some modifications. If I remember, I'll post some proof next year.

Now completely off-topic for the whole blog: tomorrow we'll take a flight somewhere else and we'll see if the yule goat brings something nice for my hobby or if I have to go and get everything myself :) Eating well at those latitudes is a given, at least for someone like me who doesn't exaclty love the traditional foodstuffs.

May the next year be more active than this one - for each and every one of us 8)

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