Final stages approatcheth, supposedly

At last this thing is getting to the finishing stages.

Or at least until I notice some sort of a gigantic mistake and have to go and fix it. But that's how it goes, onwards with a ton of foul words. The theme for this sprint is: trying something new (to me) yet again.

To me the FlaK looked a bit too clean and nice, the basic Dunkelgelb felt like it was eating details. I was pondering on the correct term and googled around for nothing useful. Obviously I came up with the word on my way to work: filtering. That wasn't what I meant in the end, but at least I got to read about something new.
So I dug up my ancient jar of GW Black Ink (I still can't understand why "Wash" wasn't good enough for them...), but over the years it had gone a bit thick. So I thinned it down quite a bit and tested on the bottom of the gun. Goody goody, I painted (or washed) the rest of the model with that. As far as I've understood, the point is to get the thin liquid into the recesses and notches of the model so they get articulated a bit. At the same time the dark paint dims the original bright colour and at least in this case gave the model a bit of a "this thing has spent a while in the rain". Which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Of course I had forgotten that the gun looks a bit better if it has all the elemental pieces in it. I cut the ammo cartridges off the sprue, painted and later put them into their places. In the photo they're just cleaned and tried if they even fit there:

After making a bit of a mess and letting the glue dry I attempted to put the shield halves in their own slots. Of course they didn't fit nicely so I had to thin the connectors a bit, let's see if I end up pinning one or both of them.
Sometimes this model is really flimsy and the structure worries me a lot, sometimes it's just really good. It's a weird kit all in all, but I'll rant about the general feeling when it's time.

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