My TODO list is growing

Last Friday I got happy when HLJ informed me that they've sent my order already.

Today I got even happier when a FedEx dude called in the mid-morning and asked when he can deliver my "packet from Japan". They ended up bringing that thing to my workplace so I (and they) didn't have to wait until the evening, which was nice :) My coworkers at least had fun with my reaction.

That box was nicely light and not too big to carry around. Unlike the other item of the day, but more about that in a while.

Confusingly the boxes of the models weren't of the same size, but then again, the machines aren't equally sized so I guess it's not that weird after all. I've just grown used to the "normal" model boxes that are more or less standardized or something.
The names that are printed on the boxes are to be ignored, for they're going to be handled as forbidden "Unseen" 'Mechs of the BattleTech universe. That cool looking thing on the left is one of my all-time favourites: a Marauder IIC and the one on the right is a Warhammer IIC. In this case letter C tells everyone that it's a Clan variant. Any of those toys of the freebirth scum aren't supported. Unless we're talking about miniatures for tabletop gaming, of course, because that's not as strict as collecting. Playable buttons can be whatever is needed or felt like - these things just aren't for playing.

These seem to be made of very few pieces, but these aren't any highly detailed Panzers anyway. We'll see if I manage to finish one or both of them for Model Expo 2011. One can always hope.

I got something done for the current project, as shocking as it might be. Earlier I complained that excluding the wheel hubs the camo pattern I tried to paint ended up looking more like fruit turron than a weapon. So more painting was to be done. Yesterday I remembered that I had seen an interesting pattern in one of my modeling-related RSS-feeds but coulndn't find the pic I was looking for. This one has that same pattern implemented but the photo itself is somewhat darker and less clear than in the one I originally found. Just before writing this post I painted over my fuckups with Dunkelgelb and will continue tomorrow with some masking and painting. Luckily I hadn't wasted a horrible amount of time with that so far.

Oh, the 10kg packet I mentioned earlier. I finally received the packet I sent to myself over two weeks ago: the Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection. Damn, it took ages to travel these 2670 kms... and it was slightly damaged as well. I don't think I want to know what all these logistics-people do to luggage and postal packets because they're always (or way too often) completely mashed. Oh well, in the end all that matters is that my precious is where it belongs. Here:

In addition to all that the wise guys (three wise kings, or Reyes Magos as the story I was told says) brought me Fallout New Vegas, it also eats my free time. Between all the other weird things I do it's just nice to go to the Nevada desert and beat several - more or less innocent - bystanders to pulp with a Sledgehammer 8) The previous Fallout ate something like 103 hours of gaming time on the first round, this one has taken almost 10 after the first couple of sessions. And I'm just in the beginning... There are many more interesting games coming along the year for both systems we have around here, both with completely different kind of material.

At least I'm not going to run out of stuff to do. In a good way.

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