What happens in New Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in New Vegas

I claim that I can manage another week of no modeling, even though the halftrack is whispering in my ear constantly. So I'll talk about New Vegas that I've played a lot lately. I accidentally completed the game, it only took 65 hours and that's not enough, even Fallout 3 took 103 hours... Though there's a good explanation for that, but before that:

Spoiler warning!

There. Don't read if you don't want to know more about stuff I'm not cencoring or anything. You've been warned.

After the last post and about thirty game-hours I had adventured all around the wasteland, completed a ton of random quests and slaughtered a ridiculous amount of baddies. And some neutrals. Oh well, some good people too, but you can't make an omelette without breaking a bunch of eggs, you know?
During my adventures I sneakily gathered more and more levels and before I noticed I had got to the level cap (at level 30) and that's all there is. The first DLC is supposed to increase it to 35 but I haven't even thought of getting any of those so far. Not that I cared about the levels but it's just so nice to hear the "bamm" when you get more XP and especially the "you gained a level" sound, boost my skills here and there (especially as some quests are undoable without certain skills being ridiculously high...). As my last perk I chose the Explorer so I can check all the places in the map. Potentially. Oh my, the amount of stuff I hadn't noticed and I thought I had been just about everywhere, the southeast corner excluded... Whoa.

While solving a quest for BoS I went to a couple of Vaults to find some spare parts. One of them was inhabited by a horde of Fiends, those psychotic narcs. With my awesome speech skills I told I was a drug courier and they let me walk around as I pleased. Hah. Of course I looted whatever I could and stole the rest (note to self: put points in sneaking the next time, it makes pickpoketing much more fun). I stumbled upon their boss, too, but he didn't have anything interesting to say so I kept wandering around. In the other side of the Vault I found a bunch of prisoners and a bit later a wounded Ranger. He was there to assassinate the boss Fiend (Motormouth or something) but as he was seriously injured, I just told him to fuck off and that I'd kill the dude myself. I spread a bunch of mines around, started shooting the Fiends wherever I found 'em. Then I released the prisoners and went for the boss. I guess I was there a bit too late in the game (too many levels under my belt) because they weren't any kind of a problem. Or maybe my sneaky criticals just were so lucky.
Who cares as long as my enemies die?
At least I had to shoot the main dude a couple of times to the forehead before he died away. When I checked what his corpse had I grinned like a maniac. That guy had had a chainsaw! A small red text "A chainsaw! Find some meat!" flashed through my mind and then I ran to the nearest city block with enemies with my chainsaw. That was just plain awesome 8)

I kept walking around the map however my quests required and when I was around somewhere I tried to make sure I checked all the yet unfound locations instead of randomly checking whatever, whenever. At some point I got to a power station that was held by the NCR. One of the guards said something like "don't go to the control room" when I marched past. Yeah, yeah, I won't. I went through the first door without paying any attention to its redness in the hud. Inside a bunch of troopers were sleeping but they got up, yelled at me and one of them started shooting. A bad move if I ever saw one... In a moment they were all spread around the walls. I checked the room, found nothing mentionable and went out again. The rest of the guards got angry at me for some sick reason and started shooting without any chance of talking them down or anything. Before I could say "a kitty", half of them were reduced to smoking piles of ash and the rest soon followed. They started it!
I was content, anyway, for I hadn't been the aggressor and so I hadn't lost my fairly good social standing with NCR. But then the last guardess had emerged from behind the transformer station and met her end by Cass' shotgun. The next thing I saw was a "NCR infamy gained" notification.. Damnit.
Oh well, at least they didn't hate me yet, they were just somewhat mixed towards me and my actions.

That gave me the push I needed to go and check Caesar's base. I had been invited so long time ago, so I decided to go and have a chat with him. Couldn't hurt, now could it?

I had my long-ish chat with him, got a few tasks around there and one of them was to go to the basement under the hill. I was going there already for that was on the todo-list from Yes Man. Speaking of whom, he's the one who gave me the idea of killing mr. House and becoming the ruler of New Vegas myself. Caesar wanted me to blow up everything underground.
So there I went, found a telecom device of mr. House and had a chat with him, too. He convinced me to keep working for him, or that's what he believed. I accidentally activated an angry looking army of Securitrons and the noise made Caesar believe that I had blown stuff up. What he doesn't know doesn't hurt him...

This might be a good place to take a break because otherwise this post would be longer than a day without noms. And no one wants that. It's a pity that I haven't got any good pics of the rest of the story I was going to tell. Maybe I'll conjure up some at some point.

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