A calm return back to my projects

Last Tuesday I went and dug some plumber's tape from the deepest depths of the store. While I was checking how to use it I was getting slightly concerned: does this frail looking stuff work at all? To try it out I applied a single round of that tape on all the male parts of the connections and then screwed on the next piece. That was repeated thrice and it was time to turn the thing on. Himmel, it worked!

I don't have the faintest clue of why I was surprised, but I was. The main thing is that I was positively surprised. While I was at it, I painted my Warhammer's torso all green. In the end - despite suboptimal evening lighting conditions at this point of the summer - I didn't end up having too many parts requiring later touching up.

There wasn't much to do with the legs anymore, I applied the black wash on and later I added the red splashes here and there. This time I was a bit more liberal with that red than with my Marauder. The rest of the detailing, which means all the logos at this point, is still mostly not done. I had started working on the Omega Galaxy's logo by painting the yellow planet part. All the rest will be done pretty quickly, if everything goes like the last time.

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