First year done and slow mech progress

Oh my, I just realized that I started this silliness of blogkeeping in last August! Confusingly I've managed to keep this up for an insanely long time (in my own opinion) and at a decent ~once a week pace. That's noticeably more than those "maybe ten if that much" posts I had thought of when I started. I don't think I was doubting for no reason but apparently mumbling about these has gone nicely, anyway. How confusing.

But that's that, who cares? To the point!

My agenda for the last couple of days has been more of playing Borderlands (second playthrough with Mordecai) than tinkering. I mostly blame the weather for that. Several details have been added, though, so I haven't been completely useless. Firstly I attacked the tools of destruction: flat aluminium to the ends of the laser guns and the insides of the AutoCannon barrels. Over those I applied a black wash to a) make the lasers look a bit different than the torso and b) make them stand out less in general.

While I was fooling around I attached the hip to the torso as I was done with airbrushing, there was no longer a need to keep them separated. Until I'm done with the logos, I'll keep the legs separately, for convenience and simplicity.

I'm not sure how good an idea this was, but we'll see. I cut a slice of transparent plastic from a bigger container I saved for this purpose. Then I did a couple of passes with a coarse sanding paper to give it a bit more interesting texture while keeping it mostly transparent. After a bit of dry-fitting and half a dozen of tiny slices I got a nice plate that fit into the "mouth" of the light unit. Maybe it looks very cool when it's in its own place.

As the evening sun was (too) rapidly fading away I painted a bunch of areas yellow. Tomorrow I'll add the black stripes to complete the caution pattern. Because all the missile pod doors got a noticeable caution strip on them, I decided to keep the rest smaller and few. This was to avoid making my Warhammer looking like a circus vehicle (or a tank of one of those weirder Warhammer 40,000 factions)...

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