A six Lance Combat Drop

The awesome BattleTech Starter Set that I bought earlier this year had creeped to the front of my TODO-list with all its pawns. As my first task I assembled the other bonus plastic OmniMech miniature, Hellbringer. There's the amount of pieces, somehow organized for assembling:

And here's the built Hellbringer Prime:

Now that all the pieces were built, it was the time to prepare a sinkful of water and soap. Then a Combat Drop ensued to let them all be soaked and scrubbed a bit to get rid of that mold releasing agent. Maybe that was enough, I wouldn't know yet. I've just heard horror stories of how bad those plastic IS minis are. Somehow I've never had any problems with the IWM metal minis but I dropped the plastic Omnis in as well. Just in case.

After the whole set had dried I chose a bunch of them to be worked on first. My criteria was either missing or badly attached pieces, which is why Jenner and that armless thing (I can't recognize all the freeborn tincans, but I'm guessing it's a Commando) are there, or simply that there's an obvious need for modification.
For example, Atlas and Cyclops both need a new barrel for their AC20s, Jägermech needs a repose and minor tinkering and that Awesome(?) needs some tweaking as well. Obviously that Catapult of mine needs LRM opened doors to look like a real Catapult.

In a way those plastic pieces are in a horrible condition, but I'm not going to try to fix them all. As long as I get some neat details done here and there to give them a more unique look (or just to make them look better in my own eyes) before I start painting :) It could be that this project is going to take a good long while, for there's an immense amount of stuff to be done. Could take until next year, who knows how it'll go?

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