Simple cockpits

The topic of this round, as the title tells you, is the cockpits. Or to be more exact, their viewports, but it's all essentially the same as far as the game is concerned.

All the windows of the DCMS tins got a layer of not-so-bright green to begin with but the paint was so runny because of earlier dilutions (or time) that it didn't really stick too well or noticeably. So I let it dry out of the way and then covered those same areas with some Sick Green. In the end I think it looks pretty neat even without any jeweling. You can tell where the viewports are and that's what I aimed for.

Being the next ones the Lyran machines needed some sort of a custom orange to be mixed up. All the others have the same shade except the Atlas that needed a bit redder one because of the white head. This was to give a bit more contrast between the eyes and the skull.

My favourite cockpit of this set of eight is the Zeus and Catapult being a close second. Rest of the 'Mechs have so simple and plain cockpits that there's nothing really special to be said of them. Mostly they're just rectangles.
On the next round I'll have a go with the rest of the details, especially logos. I may have to gather some courage to try freehanding the logos because I've never tried them, unlike the Jade Falcon logos that I've painted many times already... If these end up being even half-recognizeable, I'll call them a success.

Those bases will be the last ones to be done. Maybe I'll even do all of them at the same time instead of four or eight at a time.

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