To the bit sauna aka a pointless filler post

I've had a quite a busy set of two weeks, so I haven't got much painting or building done. As a compensation I'll post some nerdy silliness, also known as Minecraft stuff. Yay!

At some point I built a sauna. Now that there are more than one type of trees, I even have a birch "vihta", whatever those things are called in english. This is what I call progress.

I had also built a wooden submarine and quite a bit later I wanted to make a lifesize type VII U-Boot. The first one is on the foreground and looks more like a type II C ("Vesikko" style) boat. The other one is correctly 67m long, 6m wide and 9m tall with the tower and all that. Inside that thing I built two "row 4" piston engines that make a funny "puf-puf--phahh-phahh"-sound.

That's all this time, maybe I get to post something more reasonable next week :)

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