Logos and details

Despite my previous attempts being still fresh in my memory, I took yet another attempt at cockpit jeweling. As usual, I mixed a neutral orange and applied it in the windows. Then I added some yellow, mixed, reapplied covering a bit less. Repeated a couple of times. I still don't do this too well. A part of my failure may be because I practice on such small areas but most of the fault is because I just can't do it. There's no denying that ;)
Next target: those logos!

That's how I started the Clan logos. As the background I painted a small circle with grey-black, then I painted a blue x- over it. The shape is easier to do this way than trying manually to make the angles hold while painting six individual lines and making sure the center is kept clear. The center that's going to be painted over anyway.
Sadly the Hellbringer didn't have any prominent, large-ish area for the logo so I had to paint it on the top of the 'Mech, behind the head. Summoner on the other hand had a nice patch for it on the left shoulder. That was like planned for these things. I just couldn't try to paint these odd shapes on any more difficult surface. It's difficult enough already :)

Next I painted Stonewall Grey "arms" on the bars and later a Cold Grey blob that was supposed to be a bear's head's shape. On that I applied a couple of black dots to represent the facial details of a howling Ghost Bear. As usual, these things look a lot worse in photos and much nicer when viewed for real, with a naked eye.
Cameras are unforgiving.

The rest of the details were a lot simpler. Those PPC lenses (the crystals didn't fit, sadly) I painted with a metallic paint, just like the searchlight's face. later I applied a bit of Citadel's ancient Blue Glaze on them. The searchlight and the cockpit windows each got a bit of equally ancient Yellow Glaze.

Then I took some German Yellow and fixed the caution stripes that I smudged up the last time. After that I chose a place on each 'Mech for the Galaxy logo and painted four lightning bolts to mark the place. I have to say that the lightning bolts were the only things that looked recognizeable. Later I painted a bear-like form with Cold Grey and on that some faint black lines to represent torso shadows. Supposedly.

Last week I was pondering on which Cluster I would put these in. Finally I ended up with the 73rd Battle Cluster ("the Lash") so that these don't get mixed with my friend's units. And it's a semihandy excuse for them looking so different from each other. For some reason neither Camospecs or sarna.net had a logo for the Cluster so I just painted a red 73 on each 'Mech's left knee to mark their Cluster. There has to be something, right?

While I was painting tiny numbers I decided to give these things their own unit numbers. I went with the numbering method I've "always" used: first there's the Trinary number, then the Star's number and finally the Point number. Nicely enough I came up with this when I had already built and painted two dozen 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster 'Mechs... These things happen.

The number of this Trinary (314th Battle Trinary) is 2, as sarna shows the Cluster's composition in 3058 and I - for some reason - didn't want to assign these to the Command Trinary. Because of the same reason I didn't assign either of these things as the #1 Point, Star Captain Hee Silva shall get his/her own 'Mech according to hard facts, not because of my randomness ;)

As the beautiful end I applied a dab of red on the lasers and green on those two somethings on Hellbringer's lower Right Torso and in the corner of the SRM-6 launcher. I decided that they're some sort of targeting thingamagicks, especially as TRO didn't say anything about the RT parts.

There's some touching up to be done, but mostly it's ready. As long as we're talking about the paintjob, that is. The same goes for the Summoner.

I feel that these tiny hex bases are a bit too small for the 'Mechs so I think I'll dig up a sheet of styrene and a real pewter hex base. So I'll craft a couple of better-sized bases for these units. It'll take a couple of evenings, maybe, no more.

Ahahaha. Aha. Ha. Hrm.

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