Draconis Combine - the 5th Sword of Light

The 5th Sword of Light, also known as the Gold Dragon is a very old (founded in 2796) and traditional unit. It consists of four Batallions of three Companies each, so there's quite a few 'Mechs to be painted: 48 in total. The Draconis Combine is, along with the Lyran Alliance, one of my favourite countries in the Inner Sphere and I like the red scheme of the SoL units, so I guess I'll be painting more of them. Perhaps a couple of Lances, even, so I can field a full Company.

That means I need Catapults, Dragons and Crabs at least and while we're talking about the Combine, one just can't do without a Hatamoto-Chi! Perhaps a Naginata and some others could be added as missile launchers, but if we talk about all of the aforementioned 'Mechs in plural, I'm going to end up with a Batallionful... Not that I'm complaining but I need to get the Jade Falcons' 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster completed first. All those 72 Points :)

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