Half-planned is almost done already

This year's first smaller than real world scale project is, as I think I've already stated, my acquirement from Model Expo 2011. I may have pondered on this idea back in the day, but now I*m more sure of it. We'll see if it works as well as I hope it does.

Project: SdKfz 182 mit Porsche Turm
Whatever one thinks of the name above and its accuracy, at least everybody knows what I'm talking about when I say "King Tiger with a Porsche turret". Somehow I like how the Porsche turret looks like and as I've already built a "normal" production version with a Henschel turret (Elvis), this one was an obvious choice. I seem to recall that Elvis isn't a pretty one, so I may have to redo it at some point with a bit more skill (I hope). And after this I can declare that I've built each main type of a Tiger tank at least once.

What if...
I've been building and painting german tanks just about always, though I've used those colours and patterns that I wanted to or felt like using. This time we'll be going to the always intriguing world of what-iffing.

Should the wings of history have beaten a bit differently, maybe we could've seen tanks a lot more gallant than captured T-34's on these latitudes. I can't say if those ~70-ton monsters would've fared well in the forests and whatnots in the Karelia or other places, but who cares about such details? In the alternate timeline I just pulled out of my nonexistent hat these Tigers that were delivered weren't in an awful hurry to the frontlines, so there was plenty of time to repaint them to the army's pattern over the Panzergrau or Dunkelgelb.

Maybe they would've modified these tanks a bit, too. They could've added some stowage bins and other useful things. A good example is the stuff they did to the StuGs: they got reinforced with concrete, logs and all that. I'm considering.

The flames of war
For some pretty strange reason I had problems finding the wartime color codes and patterns of the finnish army vehicles. I blame my tiredness and serious mocca-deprivedness of these problems ;) In the end I found myself in a Flames of War site that had just the images and texts I was more or less looking for. I guess those will get me somewhere and the rest of the net to the final stages of the build.

My paint problem was solved by Combat Models, or that's how it looks like right now. There's no similar set with Vallejo products, but maybe this will do just fine.

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