Slaving on the hull

After the turret was assembled, the lower hull with its endless amount of wheels followed. I mean, there's an obscene number of them, we'll see later if I manage to take it easy or if I repeat some of my earlier Tiger-series related mistakes. The first task is to attach those "torsion bar suspension" pieces (no, I don't know much if anything about different suspension systems).

When you skip the slow tasks...
I spent one afternoon cleaning up those road wheels of flash and other crap. While working on them I decided that nothing else should be done to them at this point, because I couldn't attach them anywhere anyway. That's because - as everyone knows - if you attach the road wheels and the tracks before the lower hull is painted, there'll be awful gaps here and there. And I didn't have the paints I ordered so I couldn't even paint the wheels at this point.

That's how I do these things, anyway. There's less swearing and fewer "how the hell do I fix that now?" moments. So I skipped a couple of parts in the instructions and kept working on the hull parts. It's all pretty simple and straightforward.

My odd customizing idea
When I got to the tools I thought: what if all that junk went to a couple of engineering boxes (that's a fancy army word for a toolbox) instead of getting rusty and accumulating shit on the outside. There's a couple of neat places for toolboxes, such as next to the exhaust pipes. Maybe something could fit on the sides, depending on how it'd look.

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