The main point of this post is "repainting". The whole camo pattern has received a second coating, part of the previous spitting has been covered and some new has occurred. Of course. If I say something to defend myself, this looks better than what I did on my first airbrushed model, the Sturmpanzer IV. I think I've learned something, even if this is my second freehanded camo scheme.

The signs of personal development
I'll drop in a couple of pics from the main directions, so you may see the difference to the previous round. The most notable improvement is the rear of the tank that finally has all of the three colours of the scheme on it. Cough.

Tracks are installed and the big kitty's on the move
Yeah, I forgot to mention that I also installed the tracks after the second round of painting. I've finally learned how these floppy tracks are installed without a hitch. You glue all wheels except the drive sprocket (and maybe the first road wheel, if needed) on their places. When the set of wheels has been cured, put the drive sprocket to one end of the looped track and pass the other end of the loop around the already attached idler wheel and road wheels. If the first road wheel was unglued, it's attached now. Finally a bit of glue is applied to the connector of the drive sprocket and stretching the track a bit by pulling the sprocket to the fron, locked to its rightful place.
Rinse and repeat on the other side whenever you dare.

And now what?
Just for the fun of it, I took a couple of pics with the remaining main pieces just hanging on their final-ish places. It's to show how it might look and if it's a good idea to begin with.

This potentially confusing final pic the point is those filter frames of the engine's air intake vents. I didn't get to cut the adhesive strips to attach the filter mesh, that's why the frames are alone. Originally my idea was to keep them plain green ut they ended up sticking out a bit so I added a couple of grey stipes on them. The result looks a lot better.

Final words
I don't know if there's anything mentionable to paint anymore. Of course the insignia and unit markings are to be painted, but that's small beans. Mess-making - also known as weathering is also to be done, but that's the final step :)

Somehow I don't doubt that these words will come to bite me in the ass - yet again...

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