Those damn wheels

I've spent quite a while working on the road wheels (+ those other two pairs) indeed. This makes if even clearer: the next thing I'll work on is going to have less wheels, I'm about to get annoyed by these tiger-like setups. But if I put some real effort on them the result should be a lot better than if I do it as usual. That being, "I'll fill the gaps later"... yeah, right. This time I shall not be a lazy bugger with the most annoying details.

For some reason I was browsing through a pile of reference pics, I just don't have the faintest clue of what I wanted to find anymore. One of them, showing the front hull, reminded me of a cool detail that I had already forgotten. Again. The power cable for the searchlight. So I fixed the light and glued it in place. When the glue had set I dug out my roll of jekkulanka (no clue what it's supposed to be called in english, it's just metal wire used for random engineering things in the army). The stiffness of jekkis caused a bit of swearing because it was always bending the wrong way, but in the end I emerged victorious. Just a little bit of effort gives a neat - and to some, essential - detail.

If things go this way I'll end up trying how the airplane modelers feel when they add the break line cables, dozens of different cables and wiring for the engines and even those wires that go behind the dashboard. Behind the dashboard, inside the hull where no one will ever see anything anyway. But the cables are there, where they're supposed to be. So there!
I guess that's why they do those things. Or because they're insane. I'm not sure yet. Whatever the reason, they do some impressive stuff.

The archived treasures
While I was hunting for my jekkulanka roll I was going through the bits box, just in case I saw something interesting. Surprisingly I came across some 122H63 (a Soviet howitzer, D-30) ammo crates. That model I had built almost a decade ago. Those crates weren't tiny and they could actually fit on the rear-side part. With a bit of fooling around I think I found a nice place for them.

Untouched for almost a decade.
I guess they'd work nicely as the containers for combat engineering equipment, such as shovels, crowbars and whatnot. In them all the random stuff would be also nicely out of way and could stay a bit cleaner than on the deck. If my faded memories serve me well, keeping stuff clean was the #1 priority, neat order being the #2.
At least I'd believe that :P

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