A progress report

Today's post is supposed to be short and to the point. Honestly.
My latest iterations with the model have been mostly targeted at the rear of the tank. I've done what I can to make sure that the essentials are in their places so that the model can be painted comfily and with ease.
The rear deck
In practice that means that all the racks and other fixed parts are attached but the moveables, such as tools, boxes and such aren't glued anywhere. Had I glued all the sledgehammers, jacks and whatnots in their holders they'd cast shadows that just make airbrushing anything a bit more bothersome. Fixing those shadowed out areas can easily cause overpainting and puddling.

More cool details
As a slightly confusing speciality the Dragon people offered a couple of pieces to the engine department, that might never get to be seen anywhere. But the pieces were there so of course I used them! That'll cause a bit of head-scratching while painting but that's a small price if it looks good.
Who the hell sees these through small holes and the grille?

The engine room's air vents got a couple of photo-etch grilles available, and I dropped them on eagerly. These puppies didn't cause swearing or annoyance, very much unlike the p-e parts of the 20FlaK38, but then again, they were just dropped on. Nothing needed to be bent, twisted or fought with.

The tools I mentioned earlier play an important part with the fighting compartment's outer sides. As you can see in the picture below, I didn't attach more than the bare essentials on the side. See that round-ish thing between those two racks in the middle? That's for the cable to be wrapped around. It's going to look good unless I break it in anger at a later point...

Now this is where it's at, there'll be some more to see the next time.

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