The last steps before basecoating

Issues with painting

I built the last few missing pieces to more or less completed state. When the muzzle brake of the gun has been glued, I can start basecoating the random pieces I have prepared. The outsides of the hull are obviously included, the wheelset and the track links, the artillery and all the small tools are simple, but what about the insides? Of course the end part of the PaK is going to be mostly white but what about the engine area? And the suspension system? I don't think there was any sort of a firewall to separate the engine room from the fighting compartment. Do I have to start scratchbuilding that? Himmel.

I decided to use the aluminium barrel after all


Of course I had to try if the halves actually fit together, so I'd see what's coming. And if that the top- and bottom parts were compatible or not... it wouldn't have been the first time that at the critical moment I'd need to start fixing stuff.
Yep, they do fit

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