Mostly primed

I had thought that I'd start painting the interior of the tank yesterday evening, but I didn't get to. That's because the periscopes weren't attached (and therefore were unpainted) yet so I had to glue them in first. Not that the interior makes a horrible difference anyway, but It'd be nagging at me if I knew that the insides are untouched. Yeah, I'm the first one to admit that I'm lazy but I'm not that lazy.

Feature uncreep

After a bit of pondering I had decided that I wouldn't be scratchbuilding a firewall between the sections of the tank. Mostly because the hatches are shut so that no one sees inside and that I've never built them to any other tank, either. Maybe I'll do that for a bit more insane model. One of those with a full (ish) interior? If I recall correctly, Dragon had a boxed set, something like "Tiger with interior" or something. Interesting.

Why the slacking off?

In case someone was wondering why I'm doing so little and advancing so damn slowly, there are two main reasons. First: the pollen, it doesn't actually motivate me to put a mask on and fool around with the airbrush. And second: I just haven't had the time. That happens every now and then.

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