As my sudden three-week vacation started without a warning, it took me another week to realize that I don't have all the time for my hobbies. Sleeping is much more fun. So my tank destroyer has to be drydocked for a few weeks, waiting for its arrival to the next painting phase in my small and inefficient model factory.

As a filler replacement I offer random Minecraft-related stuff I waste time on every once in a while. Several weeks ago I got interested in testing the mods (TMI, Redpower, IC and BC) and the result of that is (or will be) a fortified village with a Command Contol Bunker underneath it. With a bunch of levers you get to turn on and off things like the village main power, street lights and what have you - the buildings will have their own light switches that depend on the main power line, obviously. That may sound a bit boring but it's quite a lot of fun to build.And occasional 'crafting doesn't take long and it doesn't require fooling around with paints and very unpredictable timeframes :)

The better houses and the market

Poor houses, shooting range and the library corner
Maybe I could dig a long tunnel and build an underground train from the bunker to my awesome ICBM silo...

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