Back on track again

After these weeks of not building anything I've used a few good moments thinking of what and how to continue with this project. Earlier I left certain parts (tools and such) unglued with the idea of getting better access on the hull itself when I apply the winter camo. Of course it causes some head scratching: how do I glue them on and then apply the camo on them without ruining the hull's camo in the process? I decided that "it'll sort itself out" and went to do something else.


That something else goes by the name of tracks. I don't recall fooling around with these Magic Tracks of Dragon before and they're quite a different beast from the Tamiya individual link tracks. This time I started by preparing two columns of track pieces long enough to provide the footprint for the tank. When these are deemed worthy I guess I'll work on the hanging track portion and finishing with the forward- and rearward sections.

These kitty paws are barely started

My old weird approach

It'll be the first time I try to assemble the tracks this way, so I guess a bit of swearing will be heard. My main point is that I'm not going to repeat my old method where I first guess (educatedly) the required amount of pieces, set them up and apply the glue. After a while of curing I'd just wrap the half-cured and barely connected strips of tracks around and hope for the best... Maybe preparing the tracks in a couple of different sections (painting included) will work better.
Then again, I do have a couple of completed tanks where this weird and slightly difficult approach has actually worked just fine, so it can't be completely useless. Just difficult and maybe somewhat unreliable, even.

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