Inside job

The basics

Unsurprisingly I've kept on building where I left the last time. That translates to the workstations of the driver and the radio operator (or that's what I assume it is), as far as I dared at this point. Both chairs I left off so I'd have the space to airbrush a new layer of primer and then a white-ish indoor paint. At this point I can still poke around painting details (such as the radio, dials, handles and some random wear and tear), then I'll glue the seats on and the next noticeable parts. When I'm done with that I'll get to jam the next main part in and keep on adding the smaller details. Shouldn't take long before the insides are as complete as they're going to be.

This'll be cramped

Fill the whole damn hulk with explosive items!


Interior decorating

Starting with the furniture

This time I decided that I'll assemble most of the passenger compartment before applying the white paintjob on the insides and the contents. After that I'll add the rest, such as the ammo racks + shells and other essentials. So once again we get to wait in suspense: did I come up with a good plan for assembly-painting  of this model or is this going to suck like a swampful of quicksand. Mostly the problems with paintjobs are my own and no one else pays any attention to them, but if I know that something's wrong... it bugs me quite a bit.

Wheels and friends

Somehow I didn't feel like working at all with the drive sprockets, idlers and road wheels, I happily decided to postpone that part of the project for another month or year, even. This tank will be painted from its core outwards and beyond. Not that the hull's going to be complicated or anything: it's going to be dark green, independent of who reigns over the passengers.


Primed and so not ready

Grabbing myself from ne neck like the infamous baron von Münchhausen I dug out my painting tools yesterday. The compressor, the airbrush and my grey primer (Vallejo 73.601). After two rounds and about 24h of drying time the situation is: the pieces are just about primed. Maybe my inspiration and "yeah, let's get this thing done!" feeling strikes soon. I've just got so many things going on at the same time, it felt a bit difficult to begin another one.


I think I've made some mistakes with my primer, either I've thinned it down too little or something's dried a bit in the container. The problem presents itself by clogging up the airbrush (or it just spits annoyingly). Perhaps I should've followed the trick with pantyhose: use a piece to filter the paint while adding it to the container of the airbrush. As if I remembered that and bought a pair of those for future use... I'm not going to run anywhere to buy a set of ultracheap pantyhose at nine in the evening...

Hull and stuff

Random sprues, part n

Of course the darkest option is the classic and maybe even the likely one. I just don't know how to do this stuff. But it doesn't matter, I wouldn't be the only one;)


Project III/12 - M-10 Achilles

New tracks to be explored

I'm known to be a huge fan of German war machines. This is a fact that anyone can verify by checking the post history, for example. If I stop to ponder for a moment, in the early days of my modeling days I did build a Soviet Polikarpov plane and a bunch of years ago a T-34/85 tank. Other than those I can't at least remember stepping away from the paths of Wehrmacht, as long as we're talking about models based on the real world.

To be more exact I think this is the first time I jump to the western Allies. Oh, the weird things I end up doing. The packet offers two options: the British empire or the Polish people. Right now I feel like playing with the islanders but I've got the time to change my mind a few times about that. Not that it matters horribly much: both the patterns the schematics suggest are dark green.

How boring.

Getting my hands dirty

So let's open the box and observe the wondrous contents! Of course everything was packed in plastic bags so before anything else I made a ton of garbage.

The box and a pretty reflection

The instructions and some bagged goods
Achilles' box contained almost a dozen sprues, two hull pieces, a silly piece of string and astonishingly narrow rubber band tracks. I don't have any doubts of this: I'll get a good amount of time wasted on this, especially as the interor seems to be nicely detailed. Perhaps I'll come up with a decent and sensemaking order of assembling and painting all this.

Somehow I dare to doubt it, anyway ;)

Parts in open air