Slowly as usual

This week's achievements have been astonishingly few, thanks to the real world pushing my time usage on an interrupt vector a bunch of times. It happens sometimes and there's nothing to it. Anyway, I got the end part of the gun built and attached on the turret ring. Nothing more, nothing less.
One weird thing was tha the instructions pointed at a part 18E twice (in the E sprue the part #18 is the lower rear part of the turret) and in this pic that part should've been a pistol-handle like piece, attached slightly above the wheel. Didn't find anything like it anywhere on any of the sprues. I'm not entirely sure how to fix this thing. Bugger.

A new change to the build order

While I was looking at the instructions I decided that I have to change my approach regarding the next steps in this build. I'll assemble the turret with its toys while manually painting things as they come along. Whenever the turret's completed I'll apply the green paintjob on the whole outer surface of the vehicle. I was going to do it a bit differently in my origianl plan but as it'd be so damn difficult to detail the insides of the turret after its assembly, I must adapt.

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