Working on the rear and top hull

Business as usual

These last few sessions I've been working on mostly the same things as before. My order of assemblage is pretty random and depends mostly on what I intend to paint next. The latest additions have been concentrated on the rear and top hull parts, yesterday I slapped a couple of hatches on the top hull.
Both the driver's and the radio operator's hatches are still missing their handles because I felt that the cast pieces were way too large in comparison to everything else. I'll try to hunt down my thinnest metal wire, in case I could use that to make some sweet, custom handles. And of course, if I find something else that needs handles I'll customize them as well to maintain a unified style.
Otherwise I believe this'll be a straightforward OOB build because if I start fooling around it'll take even longer. And I would really, really love to complete at least a couple of projects this year ;)

Did I ruin something?

My plan is to leave all the hatches closed so I won't get too stressed with the interior of this vehicle. For some reason the rear hull causes some confusion, anyway. So far all the pieces had gone where they ought to go and without any fighting. But when I started installing the fuel tanks nothing worked. The bottoms didn't go as deep as they were supposed nor did they align properly - the rear wings were grimacing by millimeters! What to do? I mengelefied the pieces until they fit and I got my weird box assembled, because the interior parts aren't as important as the tightness of the exterior hull itself.

Now I'm just pondering in my mind if I should paint this weird box at all or should I apply a quick layer. If I just left them like this, mostly primed but with some bare plastic visible, it'd haunt me. Oh, and you could maybe even see these things from the bottom if you had a really (un)lucky angle!
I guess I have my answer.

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