Almost there again

The steps done two evenings ago and yesterday afternoon: fixed the tools, did the tracks and filled those weird racks on the sides. Quick and easy? For a change, yes, even though knowing my history something else could've been expected...


The tools that got installed on the rear plate got a simple, basic treatment. I painted the wooden handles with Vallejo's Charred Brown, the metallic surfaces with Vallejo's Oily Steel. Any parts that looked like they were a part of the tank (holders and such) got the same Vallejo's Panzer Olive Green as the rest of the tank. After all that had dried I applied a wash of Citadel's Devlan Mud. To finish all this with a huge surprise I glued all the pieces to their places.

Odd things

Those racks on the sides got a set of random-looking whatevers in them. Again I wanted to avoid excess symmetry and loaded the left side rack with much more pieces than the other one. I don't really know what they're supposed to be but I guess they're mostly an extra protection against shaped charges and grenades, in addition to the slightly sloped armor.


Both rubberband tracks got an ugly mix of diluted brown (the same aforementioned Charred Brown) and orange-ish (Vallejo's Bloody Red & Bad Moon Yellow) mix with a heavy hand on both sides of the tracks. Then I left them hanging and drying overnight. Next morning I drybrushed them heavily with Tamiya's Flat Aluminium so all the wearable parts would look like it.
While looking at the end result I was thinking that my coctail could've been a lot more orange, after all.

Almost ready

I worked the connected tracks to the pretty tight space they had and glued the idler wheel in its place. The same goes for both sides, obviously. I guess this project will be finished soon, even though it has taken a ridiculous amount of time. Luckily I haven't been in a rush.

The model looks a lot better with the turret on. At this point I can still fix some cockups and then all I have left is the barrel of the machine gun (I forgot it again), insignia and such and then some dirtification.

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