Random stuff to be carried around

Fuel cans

I wasted some time painting the random fuel containers and boxes. Instead of using the same green as for the tank I decided to go with Tamiya's XF-70 (Dark Green 2 (IJN)) just to get some variety. Now I just need to come up with a good, even remotely sense-making place for them. While I was painting these I also attacked the odd things in the racks. The change isn't a huge one but it's noticeable and I feel it makes the tank a bit less boring.


Of course this vehicle has to belong somewhere and as +Sam Lockton suggested ages ago, during the earlier stages of the project, I could make it a New Zealand unit. "Sure, why not?" I thought, it's going to be a green beast in any case. The biggest difference would most likely be the unit markings and national insignia, if any.
 It feels like that what I need to do is a bit of freehanding based on what I saw on some photos and Bison

Decals sets. At least I don't need to go and paint tiny Kiwi-birds anywhere, which is always nice. Then again, I have been painting tiny Jade Falcons in models and miniatures before so of course I'd done this one as well. My biggest issue will most likely be the RAF's "shoot here" ringlets on the rear deck...

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