Model Expo 2013 IV

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The fascinating world of Lego

The curious people of Palikkatakomo had been at it again. The city seemed to be quite a lot larger than the last one and at least as hysterical. Photos (mine at least) don't do it justice... But let's begin with the other stuff first.
Sorry, people of Palikkatakomo, I only now realised that I had forgotten to add the link // 23052013

Individual MOCs

There were also a few individual creations, here's a sample of them:

My guess: PzKfw III, Tiger, KV-1, PzKfw II, Marder

The city

If my poor memory doesn't completely betray me, the Palikkatakomo people declared this as the planet's biggest lego city. I don't dare to doubt them and their claim.
No matter what, this thing is just sick. Sick in a good way, of course, I have to add so that no one thinks I'm laughing at someone else's hobby. On the contrary, I heartily approve of this!


An archeological dig site

Obelix and a barrelful of magic potion


The two-meter tall Daily Planet office complex

Trying to reach 88 MPH

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