A prime example

Finally all the pieces were set up well enough for me that I felt it was high time to proceed to the painting station. Before anything else I masked the still open cockpit shut and then covered the whole piece with Vallejo's gray primer. In these photos the model's on my hands so I could show the size/scale to a coworker of mine. And why take practically the same pics twice?

Cerulean blue

My model has no official, real-life counterpart, so the whole paint scheme was going to crawl out of my sick mind. Instead of painting the underbelly of my MiG boringly light (gray), I wanted something different. Therefore I mixed up a batch of Vallejo's Magical Blue mixed with white and gray trusting my gut feeling for the amounts, then I thinned it down some with the same manufacturer's thinner and let go. I do feel it ended up quite neat.

Camo pattern

The other side is going to get something else completely. I believe I'll skip the boring grays again and go for a more down to earth colour scheme. Perhaps it'll end up being tank red and green or even the legendary Dunkelgelb. Everything is still open to discussion, at least until I start paging through my Model Air containers.

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