As I'm really not familiar with any of the (semi)modern air warfare vocabulary, googling took me a moment. No matter, as I had accidentally built some launch rails instead of pylons, I ended up staring this pic from an Eduard AM set:

So, those topmost dark gray pieces seemed like the pieces I think I saw in photos of real (and model) planes. Once again I sliced off a handful of pieces of plastic at a decent looking scale, then I mengelefied those so they'd maybe remind someone of these pieces. In no way I dare to show any photos here, at least not yet . We'll see later if they end up looking better with a bit more cutting, slicing and filing or if I just end up hiding them in their proper real life places between the wings and their rocket pods.

[14.8.2013] edit: The proper names of those pieces are, as I was educated later on, launch rails and pylons respectively. Now the names are proprely edited into the text. Sorry!

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