Flying camo

The artistic license

According to some comments made to the previous post (the one in Finnish) it was clear that the paint scheme I had pondered wasn't utterly ridiculous. And as we're talking about the Soviets, the old saying "big country, big tolerances" works always. So I decided to (ab)use the infamous artistic license and went with the paints I already had in my storage instead of rushing to my royal provider for even more paints. Taking this approach made everything much, much quicker because I don't even have a clue when I'd have the time to go paint shopping...


After I had masked the cockpit canopy parts I took and airbrushed the whole thing with Dunkelgelb (yes, you read correctly). I paid extra attention to the nose where some of my special blue mix had wandered to. For some reason those odd extra shadows wouldn't really look proper - or fit in my plans.

When the previous layer of paint had dried properly I airbrushed a bunch of "looks fine"-kind of green lines to break the form a bit, especially around the wingtips. As I was working on the tail I remembered to protect the rest of the model from overspill with a piece of plastic (I was this close to shooting the paint when I noticed my very potential mistake).

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