Stars redone


While I was excitedly working on the stencils last time I didn't realize (remember) that the paper stencils were pretty much useless and I should've used masking tape instead. As a result the stars I had painted had been smeared and smudged around - incidentally they were all a bit too small as well. Redoing was looming in the horizon, in any case.
So I sliced open a couple of bigger stars from the printouts I worked with the last time and used those openings as templates for making new stencils out of masking tape. After about ten minutes of working I had six pieces of masking tape with star-shaped holes in the middle of each. These would fit snugly on the surfaces and wouldn't allow such smears as the paper pieces did.

A time for pondering

The current state of my project is this. I guess I should paint the thin white inner lines as well, but I'm just concerned of ruining the whole thing (again). I mean, to me they look fine as they are right now. Those slightly smaller Soviet stars on the tail wings didn't end up as pretty as the big ones on and under the wings and I fear they need a bit of touching up. That's why I took the photo so that they couldn't be seen. Aren't I sneaky?

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