Game Dev Tycoon

A good while ago I encountered an article that told about Greenheart Games' first game, Game Dev Tycoon. The topic was their approach to pirated versions: these users had an issue where at some point in the game all the sales dropped down to zero, because as the game said "piracy ruins your sales" or something along those lines. Several unhappy players went and complained about this on the forums and listen to this, they were asking if they could research DRM or something equally stupid. And they were crying how their awful and unfair it was that their virtual game companies went bankrupt due to piracy.

I laughed out loud when I read about that and decided that I had to show my approval at this by buying the game that instant. Then, a bunch of weeks (or months) ago I got a Steam key to my email. Two weeks ago I finally had the time to try it out... It's damn fun, judging by the way it stole my little free time quite effectively.

Both thumbs up and a silly grin on my face. I approve of this. 8)

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