Semi-eternal Project II/13

The long break's duration

I was thinking that I haven't touched my metallic BattleTech miniatures in a good while. In that I was correct, but I was far off the mark with the duration. Based on the emails I ordered these pieces in the early 2009, and after the Pesterers diorama nothing else got even half-finished. We're talking about more than four years.

The todo list

Right now I have four slightly customized OmniMechs on my desk, none of them will be a Prime. Both the Summoner and Hellbringer are A variants, the Mad Dog is going to be a C and the ugly beast Gargoyle has a custom loadout. Looks like it has an (Ultra) AutoCannon in the left arm and a couple of beamers in the right one.


Hellbringer A

Mad Dog C

Summoner A

There was supposed to be a Turkina in the shipment, but instead of that I got an IS can called Strider. So my target detachment grows in its own pace. As well as these 'Mechs I also received a bagful of 30 Elementals (6 Stars), of which I used 5 in the diorama. In no circumstances am I going to try to work on the small guys at the same pace as I'm working on the 'Mechs, just to save my poor nerves, if nothing else.

Ancient doings

Yeah, I had poked these a bit all these years ago. The pieces were more or less cleaned, cut, dremeled (I had opened up the feet of the Hellb & Summoner) and even partially assembled. Most of the pieces were also partially painted black. Whatever caused the project to be dropped, did that in the middle of it.


The first thing I did was to continue setting them up and wondering which variants I was working on after all. As I said, the Gargoyle is apparently just a random setup just so I didn't have to get another Prime of them in my glorious Cluster. Yes, I know, Falcons should have plenty of Gargoyles but because I find them so ridiculously repulsive, two are more than enough, thank you!

Brothers H & S didn't need anything special, just the assembly. At some point in the past I had chopped the Summoner's left leg from the knee for a different pose. Let's see what I do with that in the end.

That Mad Dog... Well, you can see in the photo that it was totally and completely unassembled. All the C variant is armed with is two Gauss Rifles, so the LRM racks need to be emptied or closed up or both. All the more violent modifications are to be done before the assembly, of course, because otherwise the smallest pieces would end up flying all around the house. And end up lost, most likely.

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