Ongoing tiny fixage

December and all the other random things, also known as other projects, have eaten most of the resources from the 'Mech fixing. I've also had little inspiration for this for some reason, so other projects have actually had the chance to steal my time from this stuff. Mostly I've been educating myself about Alex Denton's adventures or had the PyCharm running, but more about that in a couple of weeks.

A guinea pig

The Assault 'Mech of the Jade Falcons - Turkina - that might end up being the Cluster Commander's ride, needed some repainting. The problem with this one and the others painted in the same batch was that the Dark Green I used (on top of black, no less!) was way too dark. Something needed to go over that and I chose Sick Green (Game Color 72029) from my storage and started brushing around.

Turkina before

Turkina now

I didn't even remember (or realize) how awful my paintjob had been. Almost the whole can was repainted without a rat's behind given about the pre-existing excuse of a camo pattern. As my next task I'll redo the pattern with semidark gray and fix the jade highlights.
Why didn't I repaint them as well while I was at it? Because I really liked the Galaxy insignia on both sides of the torso, destroying them would've been a huge shame.

Based on my experiences with this mini I'll put the rest of them in the grinder the same way. As long as I get this one done out of the way first.

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