Priority override in work queue

I'm always mumbling about my FIFO-work queue (first in, first out). Now there's an exception to the rule!

The new item at zero-index

On my vacation that spanned over the Saturnalia, new year and "Reyes" I got a scale model as a gift. The box says it's by Academy and there's a propeller plane printed on it. Those who read the title may already have guessed that it's something incredibly beautiful, as I'm breaking my own rules for this kit. I'm pushing this thing past my OmniMechs and two tanks and laugh while doing it.

Ju-87 G-1 "Kanonenvogel"

I don't think I need to explain this any more than this. Stuka is in its ugliness may be the prettiest airplane that has ever graced the skies of this planet. That's why it goes first.

Before I start for real I think if I manage to fix my airbrush with the spare rubber pipe I got or not. Of course I could start the assemblage without it, but at least the cockpit would be demanding some paint pretty soon, anyway.

edit: I replaced the broken piece of rubber tube with a new one.The new piece is a bit larger than the old one, so let's see if warming the end up for a better fit help or not. In case it didn't, now I have another excuse for myself to get a new toy.

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