Assembling the airframe

I decided to stick by the potentially debatable choices I made the last time and went on with the show. First I glued the cockpit in the hull and then both hull halves together. Then I slapped the instrument panel (and that thing that goes with it) on its place as well. Last missing piece was that thingie just in front of the gunner's nose.

To simplify my own painting tasks I chose not to attach the propeller in the engine unit yet. I guess it's hardly a surprise that this simple subunit didn't really give problems and after gluing it in its place the setup has started to look more like a plane already.

Gotta hang them guns somewhere

Stuka's instructions pointed next towards the wings so that's what I started on. Apparently the bottom wing piece required some drillig, for the guns I assumed. Pleasantly enough I only got to drill those holes open but I didn't get to clean it up yet. So next I'll do that and work more on the wings.

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