Cockpit paintage

From empty promises to actual action

When a model is waiting for some paint on its surface, it needs to get it. Therefore I applied the primer on all the cockpit surfaces so that I shouldn't encounter any "ha ha, funny!" surprises later on. Supposedly.

Primed grey

According to the instructions the cockpit should be painted grey-black. I still had some of that left in my Model Air bottle (note to self: acquire more asap). After it had dried properly, I drybrushed the mg and just about everything else with Vallejo's gunmetal - more or less carefully.

These last two photos from last evening are horrendous as they were taken in a rush and with bad light. My deepest and humblest apologies yet again.


After some serious gunmetalizing

Further development

I was thinking that all those radios, dials, indicators and whatnots could be highlighted a bit. The stick can also be whitish, according to my image search.
Following my weird ways of working, I'm once again going to omit the decals and do everything myself. That means that the dashboard will be done next. The dial faces with black and then some white lines on them, pointing at semirandom directions. It may sound a bit hazardous, but that's how I like to do things.

Also, before I'm going to seal the cockpit inside the hull halves, I'm definitely going to attempt some sort of seat belts for the crew. I'm not going for a "himmel!" effect this time, either, but a "hey, there's seat belts as well!" kind of a reaction instead. All in all: tiny improvements with a small effort, improvements that would annoy me to no end if they were missing. Once again following the finest traditions of the Project Mumblings.

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