The arms race goes on and the cockpit gets some decoration

Popping by the toy store

Finally I got around to invest in a new airbrush. Call me mad, if you well, but I got a Badger's Renegade R1V-Velocity. A two-action top-cup thingamagick. It felt pretty nice and sturdy - and it even seemed to accept my existing air hose. Of course I didn't have the time to actually try it out, but what's the hurry anyway?

Fasten the seat belts

Once again I cut a few strips of masking tape to give the pilot and the gunner their seatbelts. All those that go over their laps do seem a bit too wide compared to the last ones I made, those being the shoulder belts for the pilot.  Yeah... Maybe I have to cut those fatties in halves or something to avoid this looking way too ridiculous.

The instrument panel

My approach to the dials was simple: I painted the dial faces black. Originally I had planned to paint some thin white lines to represent various dial needles, but this piece might be a tad small for that... I will be pondering on this before I seal the cockpit, but I doubt that I'll risk ruining it.

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