Holding my breath

I have to admit that I had postponed and delayed with the painting part of my Stuka project this far. Why did I do that? Because I really wasn't sure if my new Badger would work just like that - plug and play -  with my current setup. To my great (and happy) suprise I found myself sorely mistaken. I didn't have to postpone it any longer, I didn't need to go and buy more crap to get my airbrush running.
So once again we found out that I was worried for nothing. Once again.

The first attempt

Of course using that device differs quite a lot from the old one and the result was obviously "I'm new to this"-like. Maybe I'll do better when I apply some real paint on it. My only excuse for a sucky priming job is that light gray plastic + light gray primer provides quite a bad contrast for someone equipped with as bad eyes as I do.
I trust that my plane's going to look decent at least, in the end.

I started the masking for the camo already, as the photo shows. This time I wasn't going to first coat the whole model with one colour, apply a mask and then recoat the remaining surface area with another colour. I may end up approaching the paintjob a bit differently from this, though.


Oh yes. The canopy. I had finished applying the self-cut masks on the last piece of the canopy and I was just attaching it for painting, when my fingers said sssslip! Then the foremost piece fell somewhere. Even today I've no clue where it ended, as despite my attempts to find it failed miserably.
Everybody knows the legendary carpet monster but my workspace has no carpets, the piece I lost wasn't a sub-millimetre photoetched piece but a damn chunk of the canopy! In the end I gave up my hopes of finding it anymore and moved on to the one-piece part.

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