Waiting for the paint to dry again

Last evening I quickly cut some lengths of masking tape to protect the surroundings of those places I had inteded to repaint. Apparently it was only to be done on the left side of the model. If my (horrible) memory serves me correctly, that's where I started painting so I guess it explains a lot.

More greenery means that the spring's coming

As a super surprise move I took the badger in my hand in the afternoon already and did all I could to fix my earlier mistakes. While I was doing that I also painted the gun pods green (they could've been dark grey but looking at the pattern, green suits it better). Then I airbrushed the propeller pieces that were still in the sprue. Those I'll fix up when everything else's out of the way.

That's it?

Almost. There are undoubtedly some small (I hope) pieces that I have to manually fix. The last fortress of paintlessness is the cockpit canopy. And I still haven't found the missing piece!

Now I just have to wait for the paint to dry. I guess that I'll leave it for tomorrow, just in case...

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