Belly up

Redoing the Balkenkreuzen

As I've said before, the bottom crosses didn't end up too well, so I pretty much repainted them. First I masked off the main shapes and covered the mess with black. The next evening I applied some masking tape to cover the centers and the edges of the crosses and painted those white edges. While I was fooling around, I also painted the wing tips with the same pale-ish yellow that I used on the band on the rear hull.

Good enough

After several tiny fixes done with the light grey, I decided this was enough and glued on the gun modules. Oh, and if you're wondering where the pitot tube went from the wing, the blame is mine. I just didn't notice in time my heiress being playful...


The canopy's front panes got some green on themselves. now the canopy follows the camo pattern of the rest of the plane. I guess I should glue it on next. And I guess I'll try to freehand the tank buster insignia on the nose too. Maybe it'll look good, maybe it won't.
After those things I'll apply some soot here and there and then consider using a wash all around.

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