The fixing operation x

I spent my last pre-vacation evening covering up my ugly mistakes on the upper surfaces of my plane. There just wasn't enough time to start with the bottom, which is slightly better than what its reputation suggests.

There was nothing mentionable about covering up the overflows around the Balkenkreuz edgs. I just - very carefully - painted over the over- or underflowed white parts with the camo paints. Improving the whites I left for the next time.

At last!

Finally I got to have a go at the long-ignored canopy. I decided to paint everything with the darker (VMA 71.056 Panzer Dk Grey) paint and ponder later what sort of an edge I should paint green (VMA 71.104 Green RLM62) to follow the overall pattern.

It isn't pretty at this distance, but you're not even supposed to get this close anyway. And yes, I'm going to work on it still, no worries.

A temporary showdown

At the very moment I'm typing in this, the Stuka looks like this. Of course I took the photos with my phone, in a funny light and at the last possible moment. So they might not be too good again.

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