Project IV/14

A motorized Panther

Let's return on the dirty ground (for half a year, even?) to avoid getting afraid of heights. From the vast pile I used to call my work queue I dug out a Tamiya's battery-powered Panther G, which'll be the last German vehicle in quite a while!

I had taken a good bunch of photos of the unboxing, but they ended blurry and unusuable, so we'll have to make do with these. At least the most exceptional ones made the cut, as everyone has seen the usual sprues and pieces already.

The battery box in the bottom tub and the motor pieces & co

Zimmerit sheets!

A very American approach to life

I was totally amazed when I found these warning labels. Warning: don't insert your fingers between rotating drive sprockets and the tracks. Glue these there, on the glacis plate, in the bestestest and vieablest place of the model.

Yeah, you go ahead and wait for me to do just that...
I'm not an american and therefore I do have some common sense left. And I am not going to sue everyone in this solar system if I do something stupid and hurt my fingers.

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