An almost fully armed and operational Panther

Last hooks and other things

I think I spent something like five minutes while finishing up with the last random missing pieces, plus I slept overnight before I glued on the second Schürzen rack. The pre-priming todo list is empty so I'll just mask out the unpaintables and get shooting some light grey on the model, one of these days.
I already know that I'm going to swear quite a bit while painting the different wheels of the model. That's something that tells me (and everyone else I guess) that my methods would benefit from some refactor... improvement.

While waiting for the h-hour

Just for my own amusement (and out of curiosity) I took a comparison photo of the Panther and the Achilles that sits next to my keyboard. There's no contest: the kitty is much more beautiful. There will be no room for negociations!

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