Returning to a last year's project

Continuation: Project III/13

It looks like I dropped the Turkina just like that barely before I was finished with it. After a very short pondering session I dug up the unfinished mispainted pieces and those three armless miniatures on my mobile workstation.


What I had planned, I had mostly done, so I just applied a brown wash over the piece as planned. That's all that was missing and like in so many cases before, I just didn't complete it. The basic reason is and stays the same: something more interesting came ahead.

If there's something missing, I could touch up on the insignia and numbering. Otherwise my Turkina Prime is finished. Again.

Dire Wolf

As the Turkina's look got so well improved with the previously documented treatment, I set the next pieces on the line in those thirty minutes I could spend one afternoon after coming home from work. Most of the surfaces were repainted with Vallejo's Sick Green and I did my best to leave the jade and metal -coloured pieces and the cockpit in peace. If I remember correctly, the Clan Jade Falcon insignia on top of the unit was the first one I ever freehanded, but it got painted over as well, even though I was quite proud of it. Pity is a disease and whatnot.


While I still had some time and paint available, I proceeded to the next Point in line. Sadly I couldn't do all of them in that timeframe, after all the time I had spent collecting and preparing everything. The next session will be much more efficient, for I already will have everything set up and ready.
There's nothing special to say about this piece. I repainted it green. Tada!

It is a hideous 'Mech

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