Rowing and texting

The dinghy

Gluing the three parts of the inflatable boat didn't take more than a moment. Of course at that point I noticed that the seam area's painting was imperfect. While I was tinkering around, I glued on the oars and then the rope pieces so that the impending reairbrushing would cover up the glue stains.

Of course I would have to remember to repaint the now messed up rope loops. On top of the german grey I applied gently the same terra tone I had used on it before. To bring out the rope-like texture I later washed them again with black.

The plaque

The results of my quick letter-painting last week wasn't adequate, especially at a close range. To improve on it I defied my neck-shoulder region and attacked the letters again. My goal was, of course, to get a much better looking coverage on them.

Looks like gently weathering the submarine itself is my next step in this lately very delayed project. A bit of rust-wash here and there, accompanied with a bit of light rush pigment, perhaps. At least that's what I've been thinking lately, I guess we'll all know better when I post next week.

Hans tests the inflatable boat


Easy does it again

We're on the second full work-week after my vacation and I still haven't gotten a hold of myself. The fact that I haven't got much done about any of my projects tells the woeful tale quite clearly. Maybe a part of the blame lies on the workday rhythm I've had for these two weeks: I have much less of that random time available. The next two weeks should be better from that point of view.

I had already painted the wooden pieces, so they didn't require that sort of attention. As the oars were going to be glued on to the bottom of the inflatable boat, they shouldn't be all painted with the same exact paints. For the similarity reasons I washed the bottom pieces with Citadel's Devlan Mud so that they'd be like the planks of the sub itself. The oars I washed with the same company's Badab Black.

While I was reading my rss feeds, I suddendly realized that the stand's plaque would maybe need some painting, too. Thanks to the FSM forums and all the handy things they talk about! I decided to paint the sunken letters with the aforementioned black liquid. Of course the first iteration did not provide me with a perfect result, there's going to be at least another painting round.
That said, I'm not going to paint the Bronco logo, as it's not important enough for me to suffer a whole long evening with a stiff neck -caused headache.


Like an inflatable rubber boat I'm bouncing to you

Returning from a vacation is always a slow process. For some reason I also seem to take a good while to get back to my projects. Nonetheless, I managed to kick myself up and working a bit on the inflatable raft.

The last sprue contained the three-piece boat itself, some small arcs I assume to be pieces of rope or something and a set of four oars. I primed the whole set in its sprue and then airbrushed the essential pieces with German Grey (VMA 71052).

Next I'll paint those inner bottom's wooden things just like I painted the planks on the sub itself: with an earthly colour (VMC 873 "US Field Drab" (though the Spanish "Tierra" tells a lot more, imo)). I'll do the same with the oars, as they're wooden and why change the effect that worked so nicely already?

I'm going to let them dry overnight before I continue further. For some reason I really don't feel like ruining anything at this point, I believe you can imagine.


The gift day '15

Focke-Wulf 190 A8 && VW Kübelwagen

On the last proper day of my vacation I received more to do in the 1:72 scale. Now my evergrowing todo-pile contains a tank, astonishing five flying thingies and a car. I really am not going to run out of these!