Rowing and texting

The dinghy

Gluing the three parts of the inflatable boat didn't take more than a moment. Of course at that point I noticed that the seam area's painting was imperfect. While I was tinkering around, I glued on the oars and then the rope pieces so that the impending reairbrushing would cover up the glue stains.

Of course I would have to remember to repaint the now messed up rope loops. On top of the german grey I applied gently the same terra tone I had used on it before. To bring out the rope-like texture I later washed them again with black.

The plaque

The results of my quick letter-painting last week wasn't adequate, especially at a close range. To improve on it I defied my neck-shoulder region and attacked the letters again. My goal was, of course, to get a much better looking coverage on them.

Looks like gently weathering the submarine itself is my next step in this lately very delayed project. A bit of rust-wash here and there, accompanied with a bit of light rush pigment, perhaps. At least that's what I've been thinking lately, I guess we'll all know better when I post next week.

Hans tests the inflatable boat


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