Project I/15


The yule goat had given me a Lego V-Wing as a silly surprise. My 2,5-year-old production assistant got much more excited about it than I did, and I consider that a really good sign for the future.

The construction phase

Everybody's built something out of lego, so I am not going to blabber about the obvious. This device had funny turning wings, of which I wasn't aware of. Guess that's because I haven't seen a full episode of the new Clone Wars series. The semitransparent green bomb-rocket-things were shot out of their launchers at an impressive speed
Luckily the bright green things were pretty easy to find from under the dvd shelf.


This was the result. The production assistant was supremely happy with it and swooshed it around the apartment with all the appropriate sounds. I guess we'll call it a success!
To protect the innocents I'm only displaying pics of my own fingers.

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