Model Expo 2015

I can't really say much about the size of the Model Expo's scale model section (I guess it's run by IPMS Finland as usual) except that I think it was about like the one two years ago when I last attended. If I had anything displayable, you can be sure I'd dropped it among the other models just for the fun of it. Maybe next time, whichever year it ends up being.

Without further ado, here's a pile of photos I took hastily. Most of them have been heavily cropped and each of them has been scaled down at least to 1/3, otherwise they'd still be uploading.

There's almost a hundred of them. Consider yourselves warned.



A convoy somewhere in the Baltic Sea (I guess)

This one I liked a lot

Someone got insane and build a diorama inside a Guksi cup/mug


A SS officer somewhere

A Lotta entering service


Finnish Air Force fighter planes '39-'44

Gravity defiers

Ju-88 A/4

I think I was staring at the glass panes of the huge plane almost with an open mouth, looking slightly silly :p

It's surprisingly rare to see plane models with open panels around here

Military vehicles

88FlaK37 or 88 ItK/37 as it was called here


I am sorry, as I am every year I think, that I understand little about cars. So I can't show the respect the car models should receive. The best I can do is limited to "Oh myyyy, that's nicely done" and "Wow, the details are insane" kind of reactions.


Year after year I admire the palikkatakomo stand. Now I'm very eagerly waiting for the time when my project assistant has grown a bit more and reaches the lego age. I hope she gets into them.

Individual setups

A wonderful rocket from the Tintin comics

Video game characters

Century tank aka TIE Crawler was a curious detail

An overwhelming Imperial presence is always a good thing

The dogfight was fun

The City

For some reason I found the waterfall effect awesome

In hopes of catching some obscure, amusing details I tried to peek into all the buildings


Not as enormous as in '12 but it was not a small stand anyway


Didn't notice him anywhere :/

A horde of kings on their way to a castle

That's just about it, then. I didn't get any impressive or shareworthy pics of the boats, shops or trains this time. It was lots of fun to watch them live, though. I think there were something like four, five booths just for the trains (or train-related folk) alone.

I wonder if it could fly or is it just static decoration?

On the 501 stand I got lucky and encountered his royal highness, the Emperor himself! He was, naturally, protected by his Royal Guard

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